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Zephyr Rhapsody
11-25-2003, 03:25 PM
"Anime Name that Tune" returned to Anime USA with two hours of fun, lucky guesses, and insane contestants. For anyone that was there, what were YOUR impressions?

Also, "Iron Shonen" took dozens of avid anime-watchers and awarded the enduring eleven prizes for surviving the thirteen episodes of "The Legend of Basara" whilst remaining awake for the duration. Some did push-ups to stay awake. Some popped Super Cool and/or sugar cubes. Others used will power and a lot of alcohol (ahead of time, of course). Who thought what about this new game show variety?

Thank you, everybody (especially Anime USA), and RSVP.

Zephyr Game Shows, dealer, and cosplay emcee

PS Congratulations to every prize winner. Our "Anime Name that Tune" victor is invited to Katsucon 2004 to battle other winners from the year. The show will be spectacular and have extraordinarilly grand oprizes for contestants and especially audience members. Consider yourselves warned.