View Full Version : *blush* I need some help with my crossplay. Please help me I am desperate!

11-29-2003, 12:21 PM
I'm a twelve year old girl and I want to crossplay as Sesshomaru but..... my mom is kind of against it and I need some tips on how to make it and how to look more like a guy.... Help me out

11-29-2003, 12:23 PM
Please some one help.... :bigcry:

11-29-2003, 02:30 PM

and just to be safe in case someone didn't already, welocme to cosplay.com!

Sesshoumaru is a pretty difficult costume to do...but not because you're a girl..I'm a girl and I'm working on a Sesshoumaru costume, Fluffy looks so much like a girl already, its an easy CROSSPLAY, but not cosplay.

Letsee, The clothing is fairly easy compared to the armor...the armor sucks. For the haori top, Simplicity makes a really good pattern, its #5839 and relatively new I think..although I'd extend the sleeves a bit. The designs are generally painted on with acrylic paint, but can be sewn on as well, though this would take a professional seamstress.

For the pants you could either go from nothing and just make them small at the top and very large at the bottom (using elastic at the leg bottoms) or edit a belly dancing pants pattern, enlarging the leg openings...I think McCalls makes that one.

As for the armor, people have used all kinds of stuff, from plaster to foam, metal, and fiberglass...I'd do a search on these forums for "sesshoumaru" to see what people have done...plus the galleries can be helpful, just remember when you do a search on the galleries to select 'all images' first. Use whatever you feel comfortable using..experiment, thats what I'm doing.

As for looking more like a guy, Sesshoumaru has a good deal of 'makeup' himself, on his forehead, cheeks and eyes. His eyes are very girlish, so its fine to use some eyeliner and such but very light. His eyebrows are very thin, but I'd say a happy medium would be best, meaning most likely yours are fine. Other than that, I'd say no blush(kinda obvious I know), and nothing on your lips except chap stick to keep them from chapping.

I understand the parents thing...I'm 19 and live 100 miles from them I came home last week and told them the costume I'm working on now would be crossplaying and I got a weird look..which is funny because her piano player and good friend is a cross-dresser at his gigs...

Anyway, if you're not good at sewing and other types of craftsmenship, I'd choose something else and work my way up to Sesshoumaru..he's difficult for me and I've made costumes for theater for 6 years. If you still think you want to do it though, I'm sure you can, its just going to take a lot of time and effort Good luck! ^_^

11-29-2003, 03:34 PM
Yay! Thank you!

11-29-2003, 04:34 PM
Yeah, I wouldn't really worry too much about looking like a guy. Sesshoumaru isn't exactly the manliest character ever. ^_^; Is your mom against it because he's male? Could she tell? o_o

11-29-2003, 05:40 PM
She is against it because he is male. She thinks me dressing up as a guy is weird

11-29-2003, 07:20 PM
Shessomaru is a difficult cosplay but you can probbaly do it ^.^ ........ is your mom going to let you crossplay still? i don't see whats wrong with it... well i could probably see why a parent might be a little sketchy with there son going as a girl (i don't see anything wrong with it tho) but a girl going as a guy i see nothing wrong with cuz girls dress in guys clothes all the time (which i don't get why if i guy wears girls close hes named a cross dresser, but if a girl wears guys clothes most ppl wouln't care or say anything about it....) and its fun to be a guy i must say...... i'm crossplaying this year as well as Shuichi from Gravitation! and if i have time and money then Duo from GW!...... ok well before i get any more off the subject i think i'm going to close this letter.....

anywho good luck with your crossplay and your mommy! promise to put pics up when your done too! ......... oh and what convention are you going to?

12-01-2003, 04:43 PM
Animethon 12 (it won't be done by A-11)

04-29-2005, 12:39 PM
Sesshomaru is a hard costume.. but I've only made two costumes so far and he is going to be my third. I am having a few problems with it, but I'm able to do it! So you should be able to do it :D Good luck with your parents.

04-29-2005, 02:07 PM
Actually I've found Sesshomaru to be a rather simple costume. Simply find a patter for a kimono on the web (Me's kimono have squared sleeves, women's are rounded at the tips) and either find a pattern for a men's hakama (hakama are gennerally unisex, though you will want the divided type), or you can simply look up "hakama" on ebay, you can usually get a nice white one in any size for about $10-40.00 USD. I already had these items because I practice iai-jutsu, however if you look hard on ebay and other sites they can be had for not much. for the armor, I found the easiest thing is to buy a used Do (kendo abdomen/chest armor; http://www.cal.k12.or.us/chs/student/josh/Kendo/Do.jpg) and simply remove whatever parts on whichever style set that do not match up with Sesshomaru's, and then paint the correct parts a dark bluish green (I used a similar pearlescent automotive paint for a customer's order once that turned out really nice looking) next get a sheet of thin gauge steel or aluminium and cut the pieces out to the correct shape. next cut out triangles in order to bend them into cones and weld the cones together (I preffer a mig welder on low setting) and clean up the weld marks with a power sander, and finish with hand sanding. Next place drill 4 holes into the sheet front and back sections, place two red tassles on each end of the front/ back pieces (found in fabric stores) and rivet the plate to the chest and back of the armor, you will also want to drill 3-4 holes on each end of the shoulder piece and also rivit it to the armor body. Pain the rivet heads to match the armor body, and clean up the metal parts with some hand sanding (fine grit) and then it is optional as to wheter or not you wantto clear coat the metal to protect it, or if you want to oil it. for the lower half of the armor simply cut out the pattern from plastic sheet, cardboard, foam, etc (anything slightly rigid and slightly flexible, I used gel-coated fiberglass which I then painted to match the body) after you have made this and have it how you like it, attach the trim (alluminum muffler tape works well as does a type of alluminum trim that has a "U" cross section which is what I used. once the epoxy has set on the trim (if you didn't use tape) rivet each flap to the inside of the main body. Next you'll need a large yellow sash, about 2-3 yards of fabric (semi-gloss) folded and hemmed so that it is between 4-6 inches wide will work perfect, then paint the design onto the fabric with purple paint and put it all together.