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09-01-2011, 03:57 AM
As usual, I'm reaching for an less-than-popular character. Go me.

The character is the "Kuroko" from the Samurai Shodown Series.


The above picture is what I'm shooting for. He wore gloves in some games, but I'm considering that optional at best.

The footwear is simple enough: Black Flip-flops/sandals and tabi. Does anyone know what actual cut of pants and shirt/robe these garments are called, and where I could find them, or patterns for them? Right now, to me, it appears like I could do the top in layers, with one layer for the shirt with the billowy sleeves, and one layer for the folding vest with the pseudo-loincloth.

Edit: Wish I could fix the spelling error in the title as well. That's what I get for typing this while sleep-deprived.