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09-01-2011, 03:13 PM
With the game not to far away and some pictures of Riddler finally being released, I wanted to update my previous and very basic "Animated Series" riddler costume to fit with the games release and possibly for future convention use.

Here's the best pics I have to go off as far as fine details:

Ironically, his awesome staff is the easiest part, as I have access to a family member that's a handyman. We're going to take an existing walking stick and add a custom made head to it.
Ref pic: http://playstationlifestyle.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Arkham-City-Riddler.jpg
The head will be more of a gold or brass color. The thin spot in the middle of the case will have to be faked by a cloth wrap. With real wood and possibly metal hardware, this sucker will be heavy enough I'd worry about that thin piece snapping if we carved it out.

So this is where I get stuck. The suit.

I still have a hunter green jacket that's 65/35 polyester/rayon.

I'd need some way of putting the gold question marks on it. Would a dye pen or some kind of paint + stencil work? (same for the backs of the gloves)

As for the big ? mark, I think it would look best sewn on. I have no experience, but I may know a few people that do if I could make the pattern. What material should I use? Or would a paint option be better? (I'd worry about paint/dye fading/chipping on something that big like cheap t-shirts do)

Then there's the problem of matching pants/hat. There's a jacket/pants combo at mensusa.com (http://www.mensusa.com/products.aspx?id=2398) that I love the color on. Seems like it would be a good base to start with and would mean 2 of the 3 pieces would be a matching color for sure.

As for the derby/bowler hat... I'm at a loss. It's really hard to find those in green. There are a few decent ones for $50-70, but the colors are usually more focused for saint patrick's day (mint and jungle greens), so it's too bright for most green suits which are typically a hue of hunter/olive green.

Alternately, would I be better off finding a base color plant fiber suit (like white) and dying it to match the hard part (the hat)? This seems like it could be more affordable and accurate then trying to match already green pieces together.

On a positive note, Riddler has rectangle glasses instead of a mask, so my current vision correcting lenses can stay on my face AND be true to the look. :)

Any advice is appreciated, particularly if it can keep the price down. A combo of $150 just to order a suit an hat that may not even work (let alone match) seems like a big gamble before the details have even been started.

09-20-2011, 05:42 PM
Honestly, that jacket looks more like a coat than a suit jacket to me. But either way, I'd try to buy the pieces together. Second hand shops, and thrift stores, would be good places to look for cheaper alternatives and it would give you the chance to match the colours in person. You could get a white suit and dye it, but you're risking ruining the internal structure (especially on the jacket) with the hot water. There's a lot of shaping that goes in to tailoring and dumping that work into a hot dye bath is probably a bad idea.

I've heard of changing hat colours with floral spray (which you can find at craft stores), or possibly light fabric paint? I'd try a spot test first, but you should be able to change it without too much difficulty.

As for adding the questions marks, the big one would have to an applique. Here are two tutorials on different techniques: one (http://taeliac.deviantart.com/gallery/?q=tutorial#/d1km02d) and two (http://zuill.us/andreablog/2008/07/28/update-of-applique-tutorial/). I'd use a fabric base for the middle of it, and pleather for the outside. The pleather won't fray, so you can cover raw edges of the middle colour with it, and just use a plain stitch on top. Alternatively you could just paint the middle, and just sew the black outline.

The small ones can be done with a stencil and fabric paint or screen printing ink. Here's a tutorial (http://taeliac.deviantart.com/art/Fakie-Screen-Printing-Tutorial-55149185) for that process.

Good luck!