View Full Version : Female Turian and Female Shepard (ME2) EVA Floor Foam

09-09-2011, 03:08 PM

First off I had better mention this is my first cosplay, and man, from what limited stuff I understand it's a doozy, but I spend most of my life drawing and have always loved costuming. So, where there's a will, (and rabid perfectionism) there's a way! Right?

The first thing I wanted to do is make a costume for a female turian. Seeing as when I do something I don't do it by halves, I didn't trust myself to make the actual turian head myself as I don't have access to the tools I'd want to do it with to give it that really professional look. I'm a drawer, not a sculptor... So, I farmed the work out. LOL!
I commissioned the fellow from My Wicked Armor (http://www.mywickedarmor.com) to create for me a head with moving jaw and some leg spurs after seeing his work with Garrus and being floored. So I can consider the head and leg spurs done...

Which leaves the clothing. Basically I am wanting to make this, or something very similar to, and in black:

I was going to fuss about the cloth part of it a little later, and concentrate instead on the armour parts of this costume.

The second thing I wanted to do, possibly whilst waiting for the head and leg spurs for the turian is a female FemShep N7 armour a la ME2, via Bioweapon/EvilFX's methods (or what I can discern they are from studying pictures and his blog.)

Now comes the problem. I have absolutely no idea where to start. Basically, at all, aside from obtaining materials. I figured the best thing to do was to gather some stuff first. I have so far:

Sheets of Card Stock, poster size, white, x 4
Sheets of 1/2 inch thick EVA Closed Cell Sheet Foam, charcoal, crosshatch pattern, x 12
Cutting Tips
Buffing Tips
Sanding Tips
Exacto Knives
An oven
Duct Tape

I figure I will still need a heat gun so I will be investing in one of those, and I will be getting a hot glue gun.

I have no idea what temperature EVA foam scorches or melts at. I know it will need to be well ventilated. I don't know what I will use to make the chestpiece base with, I'm having trouble coming up with breast-shaped objects I can use to form the foam over!

I need to make patterns. I am very confused as to what measurements need to go where, how to get stuff to scale, and how to make my patterns to take into account wrapping. I was thinking of trying to make some vector patterns and printing them out, piecing them together, and then lightbox tracing them onto the poster sized paper? That might work for the methodology but I guess I'm kind of lost on where to start with this.

Any help or advice would be awesome. :) Thanks!