View Full Version : Wanting To Talk To Some Of You Again ;_;

12-01-2003, 10:50 PM
NekoCon was awesome and a half and I met some awesome people but didn't get any contacts(except 1) so if any of the following see this I'll leave contact at the end:

Mimiru/BlackRose/.hack// Heavyblader
Meowth Girl
The girl I met at .hack//enemy Friday night and spent most of Sunday talking with
The artist of the Helba art "Hack Away My Pet"
The Link From The Rave and DDR on Saturday(Girl that was wearing glasses is all I remember)
Any of the .hack// cosplayers
My devoted worshipper who had a "Are you my //enemy" shirt and just randomly came up saying "Bow and Worship Tsukasa"
Rabbit, I'm the friend of the guy who talked to you a few hours before the rave and asked for a handshake and got a hug, he wants to talk to you

E-mail: dark_duelist_ryou_bakura@yahoo.com
AIM: Vivi1886
AOL: Lowman102200@aol.com

I was the Tsukasa/Wavemaster Guy for anyone wondering, if you're not listed and want to contact me most definetly go for it, esp if I talked to you at all, being over a month about since can't remember you all.

12-03-2003, 04:23 PM
I was the "Meowth Girl" xP Love to talk with you..

Email: xiawu@misuteru.com
AIM: Superficial Halo

Hope you find everyone else. It is a good place to look.