View Full Version : Toothless hoodie: Where do i start?!

11-07-2011, 12:31 PM
Hey guys, I was planning on making a Toothless themed hoodie from How to Train Your Dragon that resembles Toothless A LOT. (Like the Calagarycosplay toothless hoodie, but i didn't want to pay $300 for the hoodie itself.)
But the problem is this...i have no experience in making hoodies and I have little knowledge of sewing them in particular. But I do have experience in making/stuffing tails and costuming.
The goals of this hoodie are to make the following...
1) Stuffed sleeves with fabric "claws" with a hole in the wrist so I could slide my hand out if I didn't want to use the claws.
2) Removable wings attached to the back so I can take them off if i don't want to be questioned in public. Lol
3) A hood resembling toothless's head and a bandana mask resembling his toothy smile that is attached to the bottom of the hood's entrance.
4) A tail that can be removed if I don't want to have it pulled by someone or just be plain annoying to have swinging around with me.
The closest fabric store around here where I live is Joann Fabrics, if that helps narrow down your choices. :)
If you can give me ANY suggestion(s) on where to start, that would be AWESOME. I have no exact deadline for this to be completed either. Just a project for myself. :)
Thanks guys! :cheers:

Yea i posted this in the Live action movie thread on accident. If you could move this to the appropriate section where it belongs that would be excellent.