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01-03-2012, 01:12 AM
Hi, so I've been getting more and more into photography over the past year, and I got a Nikon D3100 for Christmas. It's my first time with a DSLR, so it's been a lot of trial and error so far. After 200 or so shots of me just playing around with the camera, my girlfriend threw on her Souji cosplay and we went outside for a mini-shoot. It was a public place that had quite a few people around so we couldn't really do anything "action"-y, sadly.

This is technically my first "try" at cosplay photography outside of con photos and pictures with a point and shoot, so any advice at all for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!

1: http://images.cosplay.com/photos/31/3127029.jpg
2: http://images.cosplay.com/photos/31/3127027.jpg
3: http://images.cosplay.com/photos/31/3127025.jpg
4: http://images.cosplay.com/photos/31/3127022.jpg
5: http://images.cosplay.com/photos/31/3127028.jpg
6: http://images.cosplay.com/photos/31/3127021.jpg

01-12-2012, 02:35 PM
The overall composition is okay. I like that the subject is well lit and you are using environmental lighting to your advantage.

I would recommend you work on keeping the background distractions at a minimum. In each of your shots (except the last) there's something in the background that distracts the eye. You may have to time your shots so there isn't a guy in a van driving by or you may have to reposition yourself or the cosplayer. It's the background that can make or break your shot.

Watch your highlights. In the last three shots they are blown-out is certain areas so use the exposure composition button +/- and the in-camera histogram.

Nice Work!

01-13-2012, 05:27 PM
On #3 when shooting at an angle toward the sun like that use a lens hood to keep the flare down.

Also, wherever you are looks warmer than here. *jealous*

01-16-2012, 08:05 PM
1 - I really like the expression here. I think the golden rim around her face is a nice touch too.
2 - I think the direct sunlight made her skin too yellow, and her shirt overexposed. Maybe you could've used exposure compensation here.
3 - Overexposed floor
4 - I really like the angle here, but I feel that the cosplayer blends in too much. Might've been better if you wore something that stood out; the black suit blends into the shadows and your shirt blends into the sunlit wall.
5 - I like the angle. Maybe it would've been better if you included the branch on the top instead of cutting it off a bit.

03-22-2012, 05:03 AM
If you can't minimize the background distractions, look up a tutorial on how to selectively blur the background to bring focus to the subject. It's kind of the lazy way to do it instead of finding a new area or waiting for the right time, but it'll help in a pinch if you need it.