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01-03-2012, 08:46 PM
So does anyone know of any good tutorials for making helmets like from Power rangers or Super Sentai?

01-03-2012, 10:31 PM
Well I'm no professional but I did make a viewtiful joe helmet out of cardboard. But it can apply to Super Sentai's helmet because it kinda similar.

Your going to need: A few boxes of cardboard sheets, paper, scissors/box cutter, pencil, hot glue+hot glue gun, regular glue and paint.

Step 1: Measurements
-If you want to be exact then do a complete measurement of you head starting from your nose then 360 around you head. If you don't want to do all that then just take the cardboard box sheet and wrap it around your head. Once you get an estimate of the measurements use the pencil to mark the parts to cut off. **Keep in mind that the sheet shouldn't be pass the tip of your hairline.

Step 2: Cut it Out!!!
-Once you used the penciled the cardboard box sheet, cut out the unwanted parts and you got your base, once that is done cut out a cardboard piece that connects the two separate base tips then hot glue it together.

Step 3: The hard part (This step takes some patience so take your time on this step.)
-On a separate cardboard box sheet cut out two thin lines, the first line should be long enough to arch from the front of the helmet to the back while the second line should be long enough to arch from the left side of the helmet to the right.**Keep in mind the second line should overlap the first line or vice visa when they cross in the center and both lines should be hot glued inside the helmet**The two pieces are your support for the top part of the helmet btw and you can overlap it a second time for extra support.

Step 3.5
-The hard part is over but theres more! Cut out rectangle strips from the remaining cardboard sheets that vary in sizes. The strips are meant to overlap the support (the second lines mentioned earlier) and form the top of the helmet. Don't forget to hot glue the pieces together so it won't fall apart.

Step 4
- Once the hot glue dries, overlay the top of the helmet with paper and some glue so there are no holes on the top. When your done paint the whole thing and wait for it to dry.

Step 5
-This step depends on what you use (I used black paper). Cut out a mask layout that reflects super sentai's eyesheild, cut the eyes for you to see, then glue it on the inside of the helmet. But if you have the resources, you can use other materials that are black and see-through for the eyeshield part

The rest like the antenna's and the side pieces you can do with trial and error. I hope this helped or at least gave you an idea of hope to do it! GOOD LUCK and so that it is so wordy.