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Dragon Sama
01-04-2004, 02:00 PM
I have an awesum and hilarious idea for a Di Gi Charat skit. Any Dejikos or Rabi~en~roses going to Ohayocon?!?!?!

01-04-2004, 02:24 PM
Hi Dragon sama,

I'm looking to be cosplaying as Dejiko at Ohayo Con. As of right now I am still working on her so let me know if you still need a Dejiko or not. If you have any questions feel free to private message me or if you have aim my screen name is KakuIfurita. Talk to you later.

Cedric aka Izam3

Dragon Sama
01-04-2004, 08:14 PM
OOo! OOo! Izam3 I'll send you my idea. I hope you finish your Dejiko cosplay by the con, this will be great! xD


If not the skit can still work, just not as funny ^^

01-04-2004, 10:15 PM
Dragon sama,

Not too worry my costume will be done on time. Go ahead and send me your idea okay. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care,

Cedric aka Izam3

A DDR LeGend
01-06-2004, 07:44 PM
telll me your idea, i could borrow my buddy's Rabi~en Rose costume. . . if it's better than mine for ohayocon, i just might do it

01-06-2004, 11:13 PM
I'll be bringing Puchiko, and my friend will have his Rabi~en~Rose. =) I donno if he'd be up for a skit or not, but I wouldn't mind.

The problem is I already agreed to be in an FF skit so... I donno. =P Just let me know if you really need a puchiko. ^^

A DDR LeGend
01-07-2004, 01:20 AM
I'll be bringing Puchiko, and my friend will have his Rabi~en~Rose. =) I donno if he'd be up for a skit or not, but I wouldn't mind.

The problem is I already agreed to be in an FF skit so... I donno. =P Just let me know if you really need a puchiko. ^^

I hope we're not talking about the same guy. Cause there's only one guy i know that has crossed as Rabi ;)

01-07-2004, 11:37 PM
Hehee. I know of three people who have crossplayed Rabi. Menchi, Cedric and my best friend (I made the costume). Here's a piccy http://www.overload.nu/images/sugoicon2003/pages/P1010039.htm

He's not much of an actor tho, so I don't think he'll be up for any skits, but I can always ask. =P

Dragon Sama
01-08-2004, 07:52 AM
I have met Menchi before, really funny guy ^.^ I dunno if I'm gonna do that skit anymore because it seems lame now ;-; Plus I have dinner reservations at 8, and skits go last, so I don't think I can make it ;-; I'll post the skit later today anyways for all to see. Thankies anyways everyone, it seemed like a great idea. Or, you can use it with my permission if you really like it, just give me some credit. I wrote this around 2 in the morning so whatever xb I'll post it soon.

01-09-2004, 11:50 AM
Well, I'm gonna be Dejiko for Ohayocon, but it looks like you've already got one ^^;; If ya need a back-up... *shrugs* .. ^^;; ...but our Usada is sick, so she probably won't be there... Oh well.. Good luck with your search -nyo!

Dragon Sama
01-10-2004, 11:42 AM
No no Dejiko! I can use you. Well here is the skit. I guess now it all depends on the time of the masq. If you would like to use this skit without me let me know and give me some credit for it. Is it lame? I dunno I did it in like 5 minutes. Okies, once again if you want to do the skit give me credit!

Rabi is equipped with a microphone (real)
Puchiko is equipped with a piece of cake (fake)

Everything is silent. Gema comes flying onto stage as though Dejiko kicked him.

Dejiko: (offstage) : Bwahahahaha!


Gema lands somewhere in the middle of the stage (he is like a large round pillow rather than a bouncy ball) Puchiko comes running out, and picks up Gema clumsy-like. She twirls in circles with Gema in her out-stretched hands, and falls backward on her butt.

Enter Dejiko

Dejiko: HEY! GEMA! You ate the last of the cake, AGAIN –nyo! DIE

Dejiko kicks Gema offstage. Puchiko runs after Gema.

Enter Rabi~en~Rose

Rabi: Oh you are so pathetic. –turns toward the audience, moves center front of the stage- Hello everyone! Thank you for coming! All of you came here to see me?!?! How flattering-

Dejiko: (turns toward Rabi) No one wants to see YOU, they are here to see ME, (proclaims louder, asking the audience) ISN’T THAT RIGHT?! (laughs)

Dejiko takes away the microphone, and starts to sing ‘LAAAA!” Rabi looks frustrated and takes the mic from Dejiko. Meanwhile, Puchiko slipped back on stage, sitting on Gema and eating cake.

Rabi and Dejiko both have their hands on the mic, like a tug-o-war. Dejiko looks at Puchiko.

Dejiko: Eeeeh?! That’s my cake -nyo!

Rabi: Give… me… the… mic! AGH!

Dejiko’s attention shifts toward Puchiko. She gives one last, HUGE tug at the mic and lets go, causing Rabi to stumble over.

Puchiko: -nyu?

Dejiko: Puchiko, that’s mine isn’t it –nyo?

Puchiko: It’s mine now. Nyu.

Rabi~en~rose: (brushes herself off and starts over.) Well, sorry about that. Where was I?

Puchiko gets up and walks over to Rabi. Dejiko sees that Gema was hiding under Puchiko and steps on him, rubbing her foot around, squashing.

Dejiko: You are good for NOTHING!

Puchiko looks up at Rabi, staring for about 10 seconds. Rabi does not notice.

Rabi: Just as we all know who the real star is! I’m going to sing you a song about a poor little girl, living on the streets with no family! Her dream is to become a great superstar and idol, to --- (Rabi slowly looks at Puchiko) Wha- what is it?

Puchiko lifts up the cake on the plate, offering it to Rabi

Rabi: (shakily) Why thank you Puchiko! (starts to accept the cake)

Dejiko: WHAAAAT?! (picks up Gema overhead, preparing to throw at Rabi)

Puchiko takes back the cake, barely out of Rabi’s hands like a “psyche!” crosses her legs and eats some more.

Dejiko still throws Gema at Rabi.

Rabi: Knock it off! You are ruining everything!

Dejiko: YOU are ruining everything. It’s my duty to kick your booty right here, right now, -nyo!

Rabi: You are so jealous! BRING IT ON CAT GIRL

Dejiko: (looks at the audience) What a comeback, -nyo (puts her hands together, speaking sarcastically) Rabbit girl sure told me off. I am sooo scared and sooo hurt, I’m gonna run home crying, nyo---


(They throw insults. Whatever you can think of) Dejiko squashed Gema again, Rabi picks him up and rants about hurting Gema, putting down the mic in the process. They fight on their way offstage. Puchiko hands Dejiko the plate on the way out.

Rabi and Dejiko exit.

Puchiko looks around, everyone is off stage but her and the mic. She walks over to where Rabi dropped it, and scoots front stage. She pauses, staring at the audience, holding the mic up to her.

Puchiko: ……. Nyuuuu

Puchiko bows and exits.

Everyone can come out for an encore, ya know, to bow. I’ll ask it we can do that. I need more insults for Dejiko and Rabi to throw at each other ^^

01-10-2004, 12:07 PM
Hehehe. That is so cute and funny. =) I would still love to play the part of Puchiko. ^^ Just so I can go "Nyuuuuuuuu" at the end. Hhehe.