View Full Version : Shinjiro Aragaki wig

Mad Adam
02-10-2012, 10:23 PM
I'm gonna be doing Shinjiro from Persona 3 and all I have left to figure out is the hair. I cannot grow my hair out like that (and I also really don't want to) so I'm looking for a wig.

Some reference pics (the color varies depending on pics, but it's basically a lighter, dirty brown) :

So I'm curious if anyone has good recommendations for a good wig that looks close to that. It's not an amazing style or color, so I assume they'd be maybe on the cheap side? Maybe some of you can pinpoint a good wig. I've looked a bit, and I've really only found these ones that look remotely close:


And they still don't look right to me. They need more body around the neck/shoulders I think.