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02-27-2012, 06:26 PM
Heyo, I'm PutPutters, thanks for clickin' on this thread if ya did! Be prepared to be spammed with links, LOL.
I'm not good with all that techy stuff, so I just use simple point-and-shoot digi-cams for photoshoots. :) I don't edit my photos either, but I should probably learn how to, since a lot of my photos are dark w/ shadows. I've never formally studied photography, I just wing it and simply take photos.

The cosmodel you'll see most in my photos is Carlie. The other cosmodels would be Westin (the Deadmau5) and Jonni (the Light/Kira with the random L). The main camera I used for the following photos is a Samsung cam (Carlie's) but I recently got a Canon SX230 HS (I saw the SX210 IS and drooled, but my sister could only find the SX230 for me; in any case, I've got a better quality camera for future photos XD). You guys can check out the other pics on my group's DA if you want, the ones I've spammed you with here are mostly all the ones that I took that are on our acc.

As for my opinion on my photos, I think I've done...ehh. Alotta amateur moves, but *shrug*. XD A lot of times in the pics: I abuse the natural light, don't take advantage of the natural light, or take the photo from a strange viewpoint (ex: taking it w/ only the sun behind the subject and no light ON the subject). And I'm not really good with con shots...? I'd have to describe it as something like motion/candid shots I guess, for lack of a better word/s to explain. The way I take photos is usually something like a "postcard photo". :0
I still have a lot to learn about working with cosmodels b/c it's very different from the usual only-scenery photography I do. Models in general have many expressions, energies, and poses. But COSPLAYERS have a lot more to work with, in my opinion, since the animangaworld is quite creative w/ character designs, personalities, and most of all, stories. It's interesting trying to work with the cosplayers to truly bring out their versions of the characters they've cosplayed.

Beach/Boardwalk Photoshoot w/ Miku
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Lovely-Day-254076987?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=101
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Searching-on-the-Shore-254077764?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=100
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Her-World-254080600?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=97
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Artist-and-Model-254087844?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=85
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/No-tail-Mermaid-254087401?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=86
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Under-Pier-Heaven-254089926?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=82
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/In-a-Dream-254091362?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=80
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Too-Hot-Out-254089422?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=83
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Hidden-Allure-254109099?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=65
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Smooth-Move-254105483?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=70
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/PHOTOBOMBED-BY-WESTIN-254108423?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=67
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Tsk-Tsk-Texters-254103901?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=73

Con Shots (Before, at, or after the con)
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/White-Innocence-259527729?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=29
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Phat-Beats-259043907?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=40
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Want-Pocky-259045381?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=36

Random photoshoot pics (most likely from cmv photoshoots)
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Wipe-Your-Tears-259027481?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=50
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Daydreaming-261063319?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=24
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Sunny-Spot-261059956?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=27
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Phat-Beats-259043907?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=40
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Only-a-Dream-261063653?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=23
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Where-am-I-261064509?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=21
http://theoppositeofnothing.deviantart.com/art/Under-the-Shade-261064212?q=gallery%3Atheoppositeofnothing%2F30499 534&qo=22

03-03-2012, 02:02 AM
I like your boardwalk shoot Putput, but try shooting it from different angles next time :D.

For your con shots, you definitely have the basics of timing down, but maybe it would be a good time to invest in a better camera that can grow with your abilities ;P.

For your last set, I really like Under the Shade, maybe try getting familiar with fill flash in the future, if at all possible with your camera.

Perhaps look into a new point and shoot with a fast aperture (1.8, 2.0 or faster).

Keep on shooting Putput :D!

03-03-2012, 03:13 PM

Now that I've gone over my beach/boardwalk shoot photos, I definitely see that a lot of the angles are repetitive and unvaried. :3 I will definitely try to be more creative with angles!

I've currently got the Canon Powershot SX230 HS, which I haven't used in a shoot yet (haven't taken any real photos), and I hope this baby will be with me for a long time. If I find a camera that's more in-tune with me than the Powershot, I'll take your advice and save up for the better camera. :)

I just googled some links about fill-flash. Didn't know that existed. XD I was never a fan of using flash, but now I see how fill flash can help brighten up a dark subject. :D I'll study more about it and hopefully become accustomed to using it for situations that require it. Subtle flash sounds nice.

Imaging resource says this for my Powershot:
Maximum aperture at wide angle is f/3.1 and f/5.9 at telephoto.
I guess I'm set! XDD

Thanks for all your tips/suggestions! I will keep them in mind. I'm researching online about fill flash and aperture as I type this. Lol.