View Full Version : How to make a Kamina girl cosplay?

03-15-2012, 01:21 AM
sorry if this is stupid or doesnt make since


http://www.yibis.com/index.php?topic=525.300 (8th one 3rd spoliler)

i was wondering what i could use to make it. like for the top i can use a strapless bra then put bandages over it?

the pants, should i cut one pant leg and leave one down? o_o

shoes? they look like ninja shoes are they?

the cap, wear can i get one!? or can i have help making one!? OAO;

sword? should i get one :3?

last but not least glasses?! wear can i get those? O-O?

is there anything else i am missing? um i hope not ^^;

THANKS~ :3 <3

03-18-2012, 10:08 PM
As long as you can wear a strapless bra and not worry about it falling down then id say go for it, if not then you can use the bandages to make thin spaghetti straps or use a thin netting (just enough to keep it up) Personally I would just wear normal pants or perhaps a miniskirt or shorts. Having one leg normal and one cut off would just annoy me, I mean it looks cool don't get me wrong but I'm slightly neurotic so I'd spend the entire con wondering around being annoyed at my pants lol. I did a female Simon a couple of years ago and replaced his shorts for a brown miniskirt and wore a white tank top with his jacket. I used craft foam and yellow netting for his goggles and attached them to my head with black elastic string. I think the female Kamina in your reference pic is cute without the glasses and as long as you have the tatoos and the other staples of the cosplay you should be fine. I've seen many people cosplaying him just use normal flip flops usually in tan or brown. If you want the sword then go for it but I wouldn't just because its one more thing to lug around. Good luck :P