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01-20-2004, 07:19 AM
(Hopt this one works...)

Well, last week I heard about the last BotCon to be held. And where it will be held,

:jjacks: :jjacks: YIPPEEEEEEEEE :jjacks: :jjacks:

Right down in the Pasadena Convention Center. Last time was back in 96 or 98. I was there, when BEAST WARS was out. And had the voice actors from Canada come down.

And I was the only one there in costume. You can check it out at http://www.botcon.com

And the only voice actor right now, is Peter (Optimus Prime) Cullen. He hasn't done one of these in a while. (Since his friend, who did Starscream and Cobra Commander died of throat cancer.)

Plus there will be a group from Japan comming over to discucss the Japanese episodes and the toy line as well.

Like I said: I am going to try and get a table, and set up to sell my Matrix props, and my BEAST WARS POKEMON, and go around in my costumes.

There might be that woman dressed as Arcee, and who knows what else.