View Full Version : Taki- Soul Calibur 4

04-09-2012, 01:22 PM
I am looking for someone to help with my hopes of becoming Taki from Soul Calibur for Anime Expo. The convention is in June, and I'd like to get started on this suit. I would like it to look as authentic as possible. I will need the body suit, and all the pieces of armor, including the hair piece. The only alteration I would like to make on this, is that the side of the underbust piece swoop up higher on the sides to hide any bra I decide to wear.

Please offer a couple of photo references of armor/armor-looking pieces you have made if you have them available.

We can discuss cost, but I really want to go all out this year. So accuracy is more important than the cost. Thank you for looking.

Here are some reference photos: