View Full Version : One Piece - Baseball Special Shirt

04-11-2012, 07:34 PM
Got someone to do this. Would delete thread but cannot.

Mk. So I had someone who I messaged about this, but haven't heard from in days. So I'm on the hunt for someone. I'm giving the original person until Saturday to message me back before I just e-mail her and tell her no. I'd really like to have an option on back up in case this girl disappears.

The image above is basically all the details of what I'm looking for. A full button "jersey" with the Strawhat Pirates logo on the left chest and sleeve. On the back, I am looking for Chopper in BLACK lettering, with the number 12 in WHITE numbering. The shirt is a maroon/red with black trimming like the pictures.

The person who was originally going to do this was going to make the shirt out of uniform material. She priced me at $105 (Shipping included). If you can get below this price and such, that would be awesome. I do not want to go higher then $110 though.

If you are interested, and able, to fill this commission, please please PLEASE message me. Send me examples of your previous work, a price range, and how fast you can get this done. Please note: I DO need this by or before June 15!

Any questions, do not hesitate to ask me.