View Full Version : Sailor Moon (Season 1)

04-17-2012, 07:28 PM
PRICE: $60
Sailor Moon costume from season 1. The costume is in great condition and was only worn once.


The Sailor Moon Costume Includes:
-Sailor Moon Costume
-Earrings (there clip on but you can easily make them regular earrings)
-Sailor Moon's Broach (from season 1)
-Red Odango Hairpiece
-Sailor Moon's Choker

The Measurements Are:
Bust: 32-34
Waist: 30-32
Neck: Up to 33 inches
(These were just my Bust and Waist measurements. There is a little room for maybe another inch or two)

I bought all of this new for over $100 But I would love to sell it for $60 but please make your best offer if you are interested.

I only accept PayPal. The shipping is not included in the price. The shipping cost is based upon were you live, just ask and I will give you a price.

If you have anymore questions please PM me.