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Hello potential commissioners!
I am in high need for an authentic Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) costume.


Comicon isn't till October so I don't want this to be sewn until 2 months prior.
I'm making this a commission now so that I have time to look for willing costume makers.
But once I pick one person (depending on their experience, availability, and rates) I STAY with that person and contact them again in August. I won't flake as long as you won't.
Even though I can find a basic black body suit for this cosplay, I am afraid of the martial sagging at the rear end or have bulges. I'm also quite tall with a slim and unique frame and measurements so I want a suit to be made as fitting as possible.

Anyway, here are my requirements for the suit (scroll down for more info on price and cost)
WARNING: I might come across as high-maintenance, I just really want this to be a good cosplay and nothing something that was a "nice try".
If I say anything that sounds impossible to do let me know ans we'll work something out! I'm not entirely knowledgeable in fabrics and sewing. I'd sew my own if I had the time but working two jobs, one being modeling, and college leave no room for me to make my own costume :(

Height: 5'9
Bust: 34
Waist: 25.5-26
Hips: 35
(If you need neck, arm, leg measurements let me know)
(Measurements may change slightly depending on what my agencies tells me to lose/gain. Also another reason why we we confirm the commission early August. )

Requirements: There are two versions to black cat. There is one with a full black body suit and one where she has white gloves and white shoes.
I need the one that is full black aside from the attached fur.



A whole shiny black suit fitted to my body is essential. No sags or bulges I want the fabric to be like a second skin. A few wrinkles here and here is fine obviously. I also would like it to be glossy and not matted.

I do not want a corset! Some cosplayers of Black Cat decided to use a corset for the costume but I do not want that. The fabric should be tight around the waist anyway as it should be fitted to the whole body.
I am a 34B. I will need to wear a push-up bra for optimum female figure effect. When making the front zipper to her suit
please allow the zipper to be hidden inside the suit, I don't want there to be an obvious zipper.
I would like to the zipper be sturdy and versatile enough where i can zip it up high or low as it needs to be so that the bra does not show.
Sometimes zippers are weak and they slowly start to unzip when left it place right at the hill of the bust. I would like to avoid that if possible.
Also! As you can see in the reference photo the zipper is a metal circle :)

Hands: She does have claws! I don't plan on wearing nails underneath the costume to make that pointed cat claw effect. If possible, I'd like to keep the martial on the hands fitted with pointed finger tips. However you want to do this is up to you. Here is a good reference photo of the gloves ONLY

The fur must be placed at sides of the forearms and calves of the legs.
I do not want the fut to be nappy, curly, or look like a mop.
Here is a photo of how I DON'T want the FUR to look.

The fur must have a flowy effect. Like a smooth long hair'd cat tail. Like this


Obviously I do not want to use real fur :)

I am planning to wear boots with this cosplay.
I know she has flat feet here but I feel that wearing high heel boots gives more effect to the female figure.
I would like to avoid cutting off the bottom of the suit like leggings but if its the only way to go then so be it.
Ideally I'd like my feet to slip into the boots just fine without the fabric bulking up inside of the shoe or requiring me to go a size higher. So the feet may be a lighter fabric for comfortable fitting. If we do go in that direction where different fabric is used on the feet let me know how close as possible we can make it to look like the rest of the suit. (Incase I decide last min that I don't want to wear the boots.)
I am probably going to order these boots

or something similar.
The boots being that high I'm not sure if we'll have to cut the body suit at the knee or ankles. Or opt for the slimmer fabric option. I honestly don't know, you tell me whats best.
I'm willing to order a size bigger in shoes if you think that is a better option.

The difficult part of the legs is that the boots would be covering where the calf fur is.
If it is possible, could we do a velcro option where I can attach a piece of velcro to the back of the boots and have the other have of the velcro attached to the fur?
Once again I'm not really sure what the best way to go about this is. I'm open for suggestions.
If you know how to make boots thats a plus!! Hahaha.

I see bodysuits online going for $10-$30. That is without all the black cat accessories. (fur, zipper and boots)
I honestly don't know what a fair price for this would be. But I obviously don't expect this to be a $30 job.
That is why I am open for negotiation. We can talk different types of fabrics and which ones would fit into budget vs quality and expensiveness.
I expect nothing less than honesty so please be honest with the amount of hours and work you will put into this. I want to be as fair as possible with price and rates.
In addition, I will advertise the costume as YOUR work unless you don't want me to.
I don't believe in taking credit that isn't mine so I will mention your name and how great the costume is when asked by interviewers or other convention attendants. If you want me to give out a website in addiction to that or whatever, let me know.

You can pm on cosplay.com
or email me at
I look at my e-mail daily.

Thank you for your time and consideration! :D :D

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