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04-30-2012, 10:58 AM
Hello There!

I was just wondering if anyone can do this commissioned request for me. I want a Ohtori School Girls Uniform from Revolutionary Girl Utena. and I wanted to see if paying 120 dollars will work since I'm in a budget and all. It's mostly a sailor fuku but a little more elegant and poofy on the sleeves I should say. I have a deadline and its before June 13th. Here are the pictures of the costume that I want:

Utena 1 (http://ohtori.nu/galerie/v/series/episodes/sca/12/Series_ep12_020.jpg.html)
Utena 2 (http://ohtori.nu/galerie/v/series/episodes/sca/12/Series_ep12_016.jpg.html)
Utena 3 (http://ohtori.nu/galerie/v/series/episodes/sca/12/Series_ep12_012.jpg.html)
Utena 4 (http://ohtori.nu/galerie/v/series/episodes/sca/12/Series_ep12_028.jpg.html)
Utena 5 (http://ohtori.nu/galerie/v/series/episodes/sca/12/Series_ep12_029.jpg.html)

annnd here are my measurements, I will post pictures of myself later so you can get a visual of what my body type is like.The only thing is big is my bust/chest XD:

Height: ( 5.1 ft) 61 inches/154.9 cm
Chest/Bust: 42 inches/106.7 cm
Waist: 34 inches/86.4 cm
Hip: 40 inches/101.6cm
Shoulder width: 25 inches/63.5 cm
Arm Length: 26 inches/66 cm
Waist to the floor: 42 inches/106.7 cm
Neck to waist: 19 inches/ 48.3 cm
Upper Arm: 13 inches/ 33cm
Thigh: 25 inches /63.5 cm
Neck: 14 inches/ 35.6 cm
Inseam: 32 inches/ 81.3 cm
Skirt Length: 18 inches/ 45.7 cm
Weight: 165 pounds

I'm still losing weight here and there (I'm working on a weight loss goal) but all I want is just a very (but not too tight) fitting and yet comfortable uniform that I want for so long (since Anthy Himemiya is always at the top of my cosplay wish list XD) and not to make it too tight on the upper arms. also can I see some of your works as well? that will be greatly appreciated! thank you for reading have a good one! = D

04-30-2012, 06:21 PM
I can do it for you~

05-01-2012, 10:23 AM
Thank you so much for offering digikoomi (and everyone else who messaged me) but I already have someone making my commission for me. Sorry everybody & Thanks again for reading everyone! very much appreciated! = D

05-12-2012, 01:04 AM
@ Riki65 I was trying to pm you but the site won't let me at the moment so I'm messaging you on here. Are you planning on going to Katsucon 2013 by any chance? I'm planning on doing Utena from Revolutionary Girl Utena there and need an Anthy. I'd also be doing it at Otakon of next year too.