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05-22-2012, 01:20 PM
Hello all!

I'm finally selling off the headdress from my Doll cosplay. I've worn the costume twice and if you'd like to see pictures of the completed costume, you can check my gallery for it.

It's made from 100+ silk roses individually sewn into a weaving cap. The ribbon is sewn into the cap as well and ties easily under the chin. The beading was hand-made and also sewn into the cap, as well as the two feathers (which are real bird feathers).

It sits like a hat, not like a wig, and the ribbon helps to keep it in place since it has been stretched a bit due to the roses being sewn into it.

When I ship it, it will be on the styrofoam head seen in the picture, and I'll do my best to package it properly so the feathers and the rest of the headdress aren't messed with.

Main Headdress:



I'm asking $70 for it.

Comment or message me if you're interested. Thank you!

01-05-2013, 02:31 PM
Hi. :)
We're interested in buying the headdress, but I'm thinking first we'll need to sort out a payment method. Or ask if you could hold onto it for us if you get any other offers before May (Which, I'll most definitely have the money before then...I think... ^^")
I'm trying to arrange for my group to go totally as the Noahs Ark Circus. Hope to hear back from you-

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