View Full Version : Final Fantasy IX "The Ogre" weapon (Zidane's)

Starlit Rose
05-29-2012, 11:00 AM
I think this will be a long shot LOL but it's worth trying.

Any Zidane cosplayers out there??

Are you tired of seeing the same Mage Masher weapons being used by other Zidane cosplayers? Do you want to pose with one of Zidane's cooler, less-seen weapons? Well I've got just the prop for you! THE OGRE! Heck yeah!

I need to get rid of my Ogre! It's two pieces that connect in the middle via a small PVC pipe connector, but when assembled it's 87 inches tall (7 ft 3 inches)! Each blade is about 43-44 inches long.


Since the above photos, I have given it a new paint job to make the blue a little lighter, as seen here:

I will consider any reasonable offers! Expect shipping to be a little pricey. I won't know how much it will cost to ship until I go to do it, but the package will be heavy and long. Be open to this if you decide to make an offer!

I will only ship within the continental US, and will only accept Paypal. :) If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me or reply here. I'll get back with you quickly.

Thank you~!