View Full Version : Luka chest/neck ornament

05-29-2012, 03:39 PM
Selling the uh... thing with a rather elusive name sitting on Megurine Luka's chest in a lot of vocaloid outfits... It looks like some sort of gold instrument thingy...

In any case, it was made for a synchronicity costume, but can be used for the default and several other versions as well. It's handmade and fairly sturdy and is fastened with safety pins at the back, but don't toss it across the room ^^''. I'm putting the price at 20$ without shipping. Shipping is approximately 8$ to anywhere in Canada and the US (ships from Canada... PM me for a more exact shipping estimate).

http://i1199.photobucket.com/albums/aa472/MuukaCat/247850_10150190946588445_666313444_7251736_8124254 _n.jpg