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06-22-2012, 08:19 AM
Hello there folks!

I'll be attending SDCC in about 3 weeks, and I have a unique take of my favorite super hero, Captain America, that I shall present during the event.

The inspiration for it is essentially a "What If" scenario where Cap's origins occur during the Global War On Terror that had been fought for most of the first ten years of the millennium instead of World War II. With that said, I'm utilizing actual Navy NWU's as a base and converted the uniform to bear the resemblance of a set of Army ACU's when it comes to pockets, patches, and stencil placements.

Of course, I'll have a shield, but for the sake of weight and comfort, I'll be using a plastic replica of the shield that was used in the recent films.

Other accessories include:

A kevlar helmet bearing the colors and stenciling of his classic mask with the wings being stenciled on much like the recent films.

A pair of Tactical Goggles.

A red and white shemagh.

An airsoft replica of an M4A1 Assault Rifle with a retractable butt stock, shortened barrel, red dot sight, and an M203 Grenade Launcher attachment with forward sight.

An airsoft replica of an M9 9mm Baretta with a leg holster.

And finally, a bluetooth headset.

I have photos of some of the base costume here:

As soon as Comic Con goes down, I shall drop the finished product onto this wee little thread!

Let me know what you think!