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08-14-2012, 03:15 PM
Hi - I was wondering how soon we can hope to have the event galleries back up. You know, the pictures associated with particular cons. I would really love to see the pool of pictures from the conventions, but it just says:

The photo gallery from this event will be active once the main gallery has re-opened.

...and that's what it's told me for several months now.


08-14-2012, 03:44 PM
I'm wondering the same thing... and a calendar update in general, come on, it still says May...

08-17-2012, 02:32 PM
This is getting ridiculous now, you would think a site as big as this would have more admin/mods to keep everything up to date. I am always submitting events and they never appear in the calendar (and yes they are big conventions not little events and I provide all the information asked).
I think it's making everyone feel that the site staff can't be bothered (considering they don't even post to explain the delay).

I know right, I have multiple times posted all correct and proper information about several cons that has been missing in the calendar and they never appear. Sometimes I wonder where all those submissions go and if someone actually ever receives them. It just feels like I submit information into a black hole or something, it's like the communication and will to make this site work properly isn't there.

I'm not saying I dislike coscom, I love it, otherwise I wouldn't visit many times a day.
It's just... sometimes I wish certain errors and other stuff that needs to be fixed would be fixed.

I seriously agree with everyone on this post. The Calendar was a major function that allowed you to see what was happening and who might be there. It really sucks that it is now gone, for apparently no good reason, just laziness I guess.

This is a huge black mark against cosplay.com as an essential cosplay site.

I have been sitting here wondering why the calendar wasn't updating. Kinda bummed out. Like many people, it was a way for me to find out about new cons and it's lame that it is apparently "gone". I mean, if you aren't going to to update it anymore, take it down and let people know so they are not left sitting here, confused...

It'd be really nice to be able to add my cons for this year to my plans. How much longer is it going to take?

My hometown con has posted its future dates out through 2015, too. I'm guessing it'll be years before these show up on the Coscom schedule. The con schedule was one element that set Coscom apart from other less-organized sites, but if it's not going to be maintained, that fails to be a stellar feature.

Remember all these complaints from the thread in site headquartes? If the calendar isn't updated they won't go away.