View Full Version : Need help with first cosplay

08-15-2012, 01:09 AM
Well I am brand new to cosplay, never even tried to do one before. I plan on going to the October 12-14 NYCC, where I plan on being the Green Arrow. Not the smallville Arrow, but the original, older looking one. I like the look of the Brightest Day Green Arrow, and the costume design I have is actually very nice looking. I will sew, and my grandmother will help me make it nice. I do have some questions though. First, where on Long island might be a good place to get the wig, and the facial hair? Most places i have checked dont have boys wigs at all. Also, Any tips on how to "carry" myself as Green Arrow? Mannerisms and such? Poses? I thank you all for any help, It is sorely needed :D

Also, if anyone has any costume suggestions, I would love to hear them. I am a little stumped at the mask, as I wanted to go for the traditional "White-eye" effect, as in the mask shows only a blank looking white surface, like you would tend to see in a animated series. Is there any realistic way to do that, preferably using a fabric, not a White contact lens?