View Full Version : Help with Spiderwoman Costume - Painting ?

09-06-2012, 02:33 AM
I am dressing up as the Julia Carpenter Spiderwoman.

I have purchased a solid black unitard made from lycra and nylon. Here is the catch. When I bought it, I had not thought about how complicated painting it would be.

Since I have it, and it fits great, and the white long "boots" were super easy to sew on, and I was able to get the perfect gloves, and I already have the perfect blonde hair, I plan to make this work.

I have been reading a lot.

From what I have read is neopaque paints I can buy at dharma will work best. I have worked with dharma before so I am comfortable ordering from them.

Now what is the best way to get the spider design on the suit? I need to be the one to draw it, but I have to wear it.
I have not purchased the paint yet, so if there is a better way I am open to ideas.

For the mask I was thinking I can sew the black and for the eyes a tightly woven white mesh. What do you think?

I have never done an adult costume before, so I am new to this.

Hoping to show it off this halloween as well as the NYC 2013 Comic Con.