View Full Version : Profile Photo Counts

Mr. Robot
10-03-2012, 06:37 AM
I put this thread here since I figured I'm probably not the only one having this issue, and it relates to what appear to be bugs with the uploader that I'm pretty sure was updated in the summer. My apologies if a mod does not agree though, and please move to Site Headquarters.

Some time ago I was struggling to upload anything because I didn't realize that the message the uploader displays was inaccurate about "any length/width," so long as it is under 800KB, and as a result I got a lot of PHP errors and "ghost photos" for lack of a better term.

Eventually I figured out a sweet spot for picture dimensions and have managed with that ever since, but I realized I could access the ghost pictures by cycling through the "Newer/Older" window and so I went ahead and deleted all the blank pictures this morning. This, however, has resulted in inaccurate picture counts because the uploader script was apparently failing before it incremented the counts, so now several of the counts are lower than they should be, and a few of them have even gone through an integer overflow and are >4 billion.

Hopefully the various bugs causing all this can be fixed soon, but in the mean time, would it be possible to get the counts reset? As I mentioned before, I've learned how to not break the uploader, so hopefully in the future it will stay accurate.

This is a problem for the overall count as well as several of my costumes. I also have an "Old Pictures" album that shows zero despite not being involved in any of this ghost picture stuff, which might be an unrelated bug, however the Uncategorized section appears to be accurately displaying the total count minus what was put in Old Pictures, interestingly enough.