View Full Version : Batarian Cosplay: Tips I should know before I get started...

10-29-2012, 01:36 PM
Hey community,

This is my first cosplay attempt, and since it requires quite a bit of knowledge and crafting, I was hoping a few you of could point me in the right direction. I am looking through the tutorials but just in case I miss anything or someone has personal experience I figured I would make this post.

I am planning on cosplaying as a Batarian soldier/sentinel from Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer. The intent is to cosplay as my favourite race in the Mass Effect universe, but also to be one of the first Batarian cosplays (as I cannot find any Batarians when searching for example cosplays)

My plan thus far is to make foam/plastic armor and make a soft mask that I can pull over my head, but somehow be able to intigrate the mouth with my own, so I can talk etc. without worry. I have never cosplayed or made armor before, but I have made many halloween costumes that have been quite involved so I am not concerned about the year of work I have ahead of me. I want to start in December so that I can get it done by PAX Prime 2013 (which I go to every year and kick myself that I have no costume).

Thanks in advance. If I should not be posting this here, let me know and I can slump away into the corner. :walkoff: