View Full Version : Hidden blades/armor advice

03-02-2013, 08:17 PM
so.. I really want to do an Ezio crossplay... or maybe I can just be a female Assassin (although I feel like it's lame to do a no name costume. or maybe I could design an original costume of like... say Claudia Auditore stole her brother's clothes.. her outfit is wack)

but the biggest intimidation is the weapons.. If I did a crossplay or anything inspired/original it would be based off of Assassin's Creed II because I like the whole red lining visible under the slashes.

Are there comprehensive tutorials out there to make hidden blades, belt, Assasin insignia? I don't have any supplies at all so I would also need to know about making molds, etc.

I feel like buying the stuff or comissioning someone is cheating(silly logic).