View Full Version : G.I. Joe: Cobra Commander Help

03-31-2013, 03:10 AM
I need some help with figuring out how to go about Cobra Commander's helmets. Yes, HELMETS.

I'm thinking I might buy the classic and redo the blue part (if I can find even half decent one for cheap), and make the new from scratch.

Ironically, the new is the one I'm having the easier time with. So I'll focus on classic.

This is the one I'm after: http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110324043608/villains/images/b/ba/Cobra_commander.jpg

I need to make two down the line (one for me, and one for a friend - we both want to do Commander, but at different times).

Suggestions? Cause I need to be able to see out, and no one can see in.

04-05-2013, 07:26 PM
There's a vendor on Ebay called pit_viper_studios. They are kind of expensive, however. I bought one of their Maj.Bludd helmets, and was pleased with the quality.

04-05-2013, 08:00 PM
I saw their prices. They're quite high. I can't justify spending that much money on one piece of a costume.