View Full Version : Cosplay Event In Dallas *irving* texas!!

03-15-2004, 03:50 PM
Hey everyone the Irving Anime club is having
a little event on March 26th to get other college
goers into cosplay, however other people may come
too. there will be snax, and prizes, and a cosplay
discussion. It will be really fun. we plan to hook
newbies into the world of cosplay and then
have a little group. A club within our anime
club if you will. We will meet about three
times during the semester. Then the grand
finale will be a little cosplay picnic event
at North Lake College. we will all eat
and take pictures and then we will
all see eachother again at Akon!
It will be really fun.
If anyone in the metroplex area
would like any info please
email me


for more details on what to bring and
everyone is welcome to join :D

p/s this is not a cosplay.com sponsored event just
a north lake anime club event