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06-07-2002, 09:59 AM
Hi hi! I'm Niner.

I'm a cosplay from Georgia and I'm 16!

Ranma Saotome
06-07-2002, 10:29 AM
Hey wassup! Welcome to the boards! I'm Ranma and I'm a 24 y/o cosplayer from New York! ^^;

06-07-2002, 10:46 AM
Welcome! I'm Tenshi, a 20-year-old cosplayer from Vegas! Hee hee. . .here's a welcoming plushie for you! ::hands out a plushie::

Philia Philis
06-07-2002, 10:59 AM
'Ello! I'm Erin, a 17-year-old cosplayer from Texas! Wheeeee!
Sorry, had to continue the trend. XD *gives Niner a Peppermint Pattie*
Oh, wait! I remember you from A-kon! Yeah, you came up and talked to Mappy for a bit when I was in my Marion costume! (I don't remember if Mappy was in Meis or Gao, though.) Anywho, I don't think he introduced us, did he? *forgetful* In either case, its nice to meet you! ^^

06-07-2002, 01:18 PM
Hi and welcome! I'm Legato and I'm 17 year-old. I will make my first cosplay in this July in the Animecon 02!! Wooohoooo!!!
Oh, just to let you know, I'm not american, I'm from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Yaiiii!!!!



06-07-2002, 02:01 PM
Hi Niner! Oh, I have to get on the bandwagon, huh. I'm Ayaka, 20 year-old cosplayer from Chicago (at the moment). Here's your welcome Pocky. ^^

Yami Kuroneko
06-07-2002, 05:32 PM
Hey Niner,
I'm Yami the designated catgirl of this board, ( lol and possibly one of the youngest cosplayers here, if you check my b-day ) Welcome to the board, i truly hope you enjoy your stay here, and here's a small welcoming gift for you. * Hands Niner A Sakura Blossom* Sayonara! =^-^=

All Hail The Kitty,
Yami Kuroneko:thumbsup:

06-07-2002, 08:30 PM
Thanks everybody!

Philia Philis - I remember you toooo! :D HOW EXCITING. That stupid Scott never introduces me to anyone. ;_;

06-08-2002, 01:19 AM
Get off my porch! We don't want any!

06-08-2002, 02:34 AM
I'm hamster, evidently the designated rodent... *Glances around nervously for the designated catgirl* I'm 14 and in Iowa, cosplay premiere in late august...

Philia Philis
06-08-2002, 09:54 PM
Originally posted by Niner
Thanks everybody!

Philia Philis - I remember you toooo! :D HOW EXCITING. That stupid Scott never introduces me to anyone. ;_;

Ahh, yay! ^^ I am remembered after all! Wai wai! *beats Mappy up for not introducing us*

06-08-2002, 10:16 PM
Welcome to the boards! To continue the trend, 17 and North Carolina.

*tosses catnip and zooms off*

06-14-2002, 09:29 PM
i'm gonna kill you, duncan! :D