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04-15-2013, 08:12 PM
hey everyone
im brand new to site. ive been making costumes for a couple years now . started with creations for Halloween shows now ive entered the crazy world of cosplay. its been a blast and this is my first cosplay entry. im really hoping to make it a little more than a hobby and i came here to learn from the best

i hand sculpted this hulk from cushion foam and gave a latex /fabric skin
then i airbrushed the color. i made the suit modular, 9 pieces this allows suit to breath and movement and performance is great. the jaw is my design its a single piece articulated jaw. i suit can be put on by one person and fits snugly into two large totes
sorry the pics are not of the quality i see on here and i noticed there are tutorials on that . which is awesome i suck behind the lens.my friend gave me some raw photos that she is working on and im doing some more video , better lighting etc ill post as soon as it is done.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyIGXzZUS-k (HULK IN ACTION)

if you like my art ive attached a link to my deviant art site that has some build picks and other artistic ventures including my illustration , murals and other monsters , theres a werewolf there if you like that sortve thing. http://mongrelman.deviantart.com/

anyway hope you enjoy. critques are always welcome and i do commissions and colabs as well