View Full Version : Just a little note about this forum.. no short one-line replies

03-29-2004, 11:53 PM
As this is a *critique* forum, I think it is best to ask for everyone to please do just that. That includes constructive criticism and well thought out compliments. It's always nice to say things like 'oooh thats cool!' or 'i like it!' and stuff, but please try to write things like that in photo gallery comments... because phrases like that are not really critiques and I feel that it makes it harder for the person who started the thread to sift through everything and find the information they are looking for to make their costume better. So for the sake of clutter and purpose, please do not post short one-liners and try to take the time to explain why you like or dislike certain things about the costume. That's what the thread starters are looking for, as it's not just a populatiry contest to see how many people love your costume. Sound good? Thanks!