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04-20-2004, 06:30 AM

Anyone ever go to Mitsuwa Marketplace when they're at ACen? It's a great place. Lots of great Japanese food, toys, items, books, CDs, san-x, you name it. :japan:

It's a bit of a drive away, but not too far.

I plan to go every here and there. Mmmmmm.......Udon :love:

ACen Guy Brown
04-20-2004, 09:02 AM
I go to Mitsuwa all the time. Not while at ACen though... my friends have a tradition of going to Mitsuwa the night before ACen and stocking up on various food mainly Pocky and Ramune... we spent $80 on pocky and it was all gone by early Saturday...

04-20-2004, 06:01 PM
Good Gravy....that's a lot of Pocky to consume. Lots of sugar. How many people helped finish that up?

I love Pocky, but not that much. And I love Ramune.
It's so easy to spend lots of dough there, isn't it?

Mainly, I'm looking forward to one of those tapioca shakes and some Udon. I like their bento boxes too....
Maybe I'll have one of each and not fit into any of my costumes...

I'm just so excited!!!!!

04-21-2004, 06:15 AM
My mom and I are at Mitsuwa about every other week to do grocery shopping. (We live about ten minutes away.) For anyone who hasn't been there before, here's a breakdown of what Mitsuwa has to offer:

1. Ceramics: To the left of the entrance is a little shop with various bowls, trays, sake sets, chopsticks/chopstick rests, small vases, and other such knick-knacks. Slightly overpriced, unless they're having a sale (4-for-$20 cups ^_~), which they often are.

2. Liquor: Right next to the little ceramic place. All the asian alcohol your little heart desires.

3. Groceries: The largest area in the store. Fresh fruits & veggies, several different grades of rice, seasonings, fish, etc, suitable for Japanese cuisine. Dry (just-add-water) or frozen prepackaged Japanese meals. Cans and bottles of Japanese beverages. A snack/candy isle featuring around ten different kinds of pocky and fran, including jumbo pocky (the foot-longers). The also have mochi mixes, koala yummies, gummi sweets, various chocolates, rice candies, and gum. My favorites are these long strings or individually wrapped chocolate candies. The section of the store also has basic toiletries and other such items, like a regular grocery store.

4. Cosmetics: A small stand next to the grocery's checkout lines. Mostly asian (read: expensive) specific brands.

5. Food court: Great prices and good food. Ramen, udon, sushi-to-go, and more. The "happy hippo" bakery is great, the bread loaves are sliced extra thick and are delicious. My personal favorite are the cream-filled buns. For those of you who haven't ben since last ACen, they added a really nice frozen yogurt/smoothie stand last fall, with flavors like plum, "milk," and lychee.

6: Anime/manga shop: This has really expanded from what is was a few years ago. They sell a wide variety of manga and anime DVD's at good prices, and have a discount if you buy enough. (I think it's a punch-card style reward system.) They also have models, t-shirts, plushies, and on occassion, "Fruits" type bags and clothing. Wallscrolls will run you about $15 and posters are only $2. Their inventory is always different, so you can find some interesting items like talking vibrating alarm clocks and Mr.T bobble heads.

7. Knick-knacks: This is basically a walled-off collection of shelves. ^_^;;; It has a lot of Sanio-style stationary, pens & pencils, small containers, and the like. Also some unexpected gismos like cookware and slippers. Unless you know what you're looking for you probably won't find anything terribly useful, but it's all cute so you're more than likely to blow some money there. ^_^;;;

8. Video rentals: I'm only mentioning this to be thorough, because while all their movies are Japanese, none of them are subtitled. Also, you need to be a resident to rent.

9. Book store: This is my favorite non-food-related are of Mitsuwa. ^_^ They have high-quality calendars, magazines, and newspapers, Japanese language intruction books (for adults or children), dictionaries, handbooks on Japanese culture, novels in Japanese, artbooks (about $20 each), and even a little cd section full of Japanese music (pop, rock, classical, etc). The cd's are awfully expensive, though... I get mine off eBay for cheaper. ^_^;;; The ladies there are very nice and helpful, but some may have trouble helping you if you dont speak Japanese.

I hope this helps and encourages people to go to Mitsuwa. ^_^ It's a great establishment and deserves the business ACen or any other con can give it.

04-21-2004, 08:13 AM
For anyone who hasn't been there before, here's a breakdown of what Mitsuwa has to offer:

She pretty much sums up everything that you'll expect at mitsuwa. But you forgot one thing....

You get to see a lot of familiar faces there... From the ACen staff, ACen con-goers, to cosplayers.... While for me, I used to go there like every week (in the month of March) just to hang out with my fellow otakus. But now, I'm like bored with Mitsuwa, and I've been playing FFXI too much again.....

I think Street Racers also go to Mitsuwa too....

ACen Guy Brown
04-21-2004, 08:59 AM
Good Gravy....that's a lot of Pocky to consume. Lots of sugar. How many people helped finish that up?

I love Pocky, but not that much. And I love Ramune.
It's so easy to spend lots of dough there, isn't it?

It is quite easy to spend money there... you walk in and you want to own eveything. There were about 6 people who ate the pocky I myself ate about 2 boxes, 2 people in particular ate the majority ACen Guy Dan and ACen Guy Neal...

04-21-2004, 03:46 PM
I've been there only once last year for the Bon Odori festival I think it was..I got my first Yuna wallscroll there *-* I also got my FFX-2 movie DVD..I wouldn't of know what Mitsuwa was unless my Japanese teacher pointed it out to me ^-^''..But ONE FOOT LONG POCKY!?!?!? I MUST HAVE IT!!! Someday, I'll stroll through the bookstore and get some mangas..maybe even a CD..then some rice..in the grocery store..-is off subject x.x-

I was only there for a half an hour-45 minutes because my dad got there practically at closing time and we were let to stay a litlle longer (I bet they were thinking 'damn americans')..

But, since I went there at the festival, THERE WAS SO MANY PRETTY YUKATAS!!! And the little kids were SO adorable~!!! ^-^

04-21-2004, 06:12 PM
So anyone got directions to this place from the con? Or maybe the address for mapquest?

04-21-2004, 07:46 PM
100 E. Algonquin Road,
Arlington Hts., IL 60005
9:00AM - 8:00PM

Here's a link to the Yahoo! Map:
http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?ed=YpJB2ep_0TqEUMKlAsDoDDsbyTVtmrQmKgg pdRyF&csz=60005&country=us&cat=

I'd take the I-90 West, and get off at the Arlington Heights exit. If all else fails, if you can find Higgins or Golf road, both intersect with Arlington Heights if you go West far enough on them. (Turn North/Right on Higgins or South/Left on Golf) If you pass by a Guitar Center, you're in the right area.

But be sure to check out Mapquest first, just to be safe. ^_~

04-21-2004, 09:12 PM
Thanks for the info ^_^ I'll definetly check it out if I get the chance.

04-22-2004, 11:08 AM
The easiest (not fastest) way to get from the Hyatt to Mitsuwa is just go up River north and turn left (west) unto Algonquin. Algonquin goes through some residental areas, but it's almost a sure-fire way for those unfamiliar with the area to not get lost.

I don't trust Mapquest at all, it's gotten me lost or taking poor directions more times than not. I like real maps, or RandMcNally.com for my online directional needs.