View Full Version : Starting a CCG Tourney for Next Year LOOK

Anime Hobo
05-22-2004, 08:58 PM
Hi, this year at Acen a bunch of friends and I were dissapointed because the guy downstairs was holding alot of tournaments for just yu gi o. but next year, we want to get a bigger hotel room and hold some tournaments of our own. We'll probably have a $5.00 admission or maybe cheaper and the person who wins would get a certain % of the money earned for that specific game. so if if 10 people joined in for a tournament of yu gi o, then they would make a % of the money earned from those ten people's admission money.

we'll be doing the games: yu-gi-o, magic the gathering, dot hack, pokemon and others.

i put this thread out to see if anybody would be interested in being apart of this tourney. if it goes well, ill have signs out telling what room it will be in and when.