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06-26-2004, 10:21 AM
im asian, and since the summertime, i have gotten rather dark skin. but i always had problems with what color lipstick to use. ive asked around and everyone says that if you have confidence with it, it'll work. but ive tried many different colors and they just make my lips look even bigger and more dominant and it just makes me look horrible. could it be because of what colors i wear that day? like would the lipstick color depend on what color shirt i have? i wear blues, blacks, and greens. i dont want my lips to be the center of attention. any suggestions? thanks!

06-26-2004, 11:52 AM
Pink lipsticks tend to make your lips look bigger, while darker colors make them look smaller. At least this is what my mother tells me -- all I know is that red lipstick makes my lips look HUGE. But I think your best bet is to go with a lipstick that's very close to your natural lip color, and something that's not shiny. I've got big lips too, and my most flattering lipstick is one that's just like my own color with a hint of pink, and no shine.

06-26-2004, 09:25 PM
I'm a dark-skinned Asian, and I've got full Filipina lips.

The best thing that works for me is to actually play up my lips. You're blessed with having big lips, darlin, so make them look sexay! ^_^ I actually prefer shine, not matte, because matte, dark colors tend to make my lips look terrible (and then make my whole complexion look even worse) and matte light colors tend to...just look bad. A fool-proof way to ensure that you (and your lips) look their best is just to stick with a) a neutral shade, or b) sheer lipgloss. You really want to try and stay away from using lipstick, because those will make your lips look too heavy, and too much like slabs of colored tuna sitting on your face.

I've used that Neutrogena shiny lipgloss, and that stuff's looked amazing; I'm at the moment using a lipgloss by the Color Institute that is sheer, with a pink tinge, and shiny. That way, my lips get attention, but I (as a person) get more attention. If you have big lips, you don't want to do too much to them. That's the biggest and best thing. Less is more.

06-26-2004, 10:33 PM
Never never never match your makeup to your clothes, it's a really common mistake. Always do what looks best on you. ^.^ So match your makeup to yourself, not your wardrobe.

06-26-2004, 11:15 PM
You can match tones of lipcolor to clothes, like warm colors with warm colored clothing, but pure color coding can be kinda 1980's.

Careful using too dark of a color, as it does make something look smaller, but more prominant. It will be the first thing people look at is a pair of really dark lips. Try for a lipcolor that matches the inside of your lip. That will give you something natural and slightly enhancing.

06-29-2004, 01:55 AM
Dark lipsticks make thin lips look thinner, but they don't necessarily make full lips look smaller - they will more likely draw attention to them. Look an Angelina Jolie - she wears grey lipstick (MAC Folio) to make her full lips less prominant. Although the problem with grey is that it can easily make you look dead. She also plays up her eyes.

Natural and nude shades of lipsticks would probably be the best balance. YLBB (your lips but better) shades. You can go a bit lighter than your natural lipstick, but don't go too light and don't go for matte. Gloss is best for sheer pale shades. A shade I like is Bonne Bell liplites in Cappucino - it's sheer enough that it doesn't make me look dead, but slightly mutes my lipcolour to make my lips less prominent. Another shade to look at would be WnW Sheerly Beige lipgloss.

MAC has a good shade too ... I think it's C-Thru lipglass.

Finding Beauty
07-01-2004, 02:43 AM
I'm half Korean, and while pale, as a result I have a yellow-based skintone. From my personal experiences in the matter, pink lipstick is a really, really big no-no, as well as corals and peaches. It depends on the shade, however, as with most things. Something the color of bubblegum usually clashes horribly with my skin. I can wear red well, as well as neutral browns/nudes, and burgundy or plums.

I usually find that I prefer neutral shades for everyday wear. Clinique's Tenderheart, Honey Gloss, and Glow Bronze in particular are great, as well as their Nude chubbystick. Something I usually adhere to is saving darker shades for the winter, and sticking to neutral ones in the summer. Red lipstick, while fun and vintage, can be a cosmetic faux pas if you're not careful. If you have acne, avoid red -- it draws more attention to zits.