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07-18-2004, 03:33 AM
Hey. Its summer, and you know what that means. A lot of free time, and boredom. So, since I have no idea when to schedule the next Wic-Top, I will instead offer something new.

I have a digital camera (which is pretty good quality), and I like taking pictures. So, if there are any cosplayers in the Bay Area who would like to start portfolios of their costumes, I am putting up a thread for little photoshoots. We can talk about dates, times, locales. I won't charge anything. Its all in good fun. Also, if people wouldn't mind all finding a date together, that'd be most excellent.

So, basically, yeah. Just let me know if anyone is interested in a free photoshoot. I'll check back frequently.

~Luck In Spades

07-26-2004, 02:36 AM
Well, I suppose it is possible that nobody is interested (or they are freaked out at a random offer of photoshoots), but in case anyone might be, I went on a photoshoot just today with my boyfriend to get some pictures of his Wolfwood costume. You can view them here:


Now, I know that the few photos there might not be the best example of one's photography skill, but unfortunately since we forgot to bring his Punisher Cross, and we had only like a half hour, there wasn't a lot of time for creativity.

If anyone is interested, message here, or PM me. BTW: Babbit-Chan and I are talking about perhaps arranging another WIC-TOP sometime around August or September.

Kaelistale Nyau
07-26-2004, 07:56 PM
Hi again Luck! Well this sounds like a lot of fun but I'd prefer if it was a day where several people come to get their picture taken... otherwise I feel concided and uncomfortable with a photoshoot knowing it's just me taking pics at a park ehehe.. so if there were lotsa people meeting at a park to get pictures taken that I would be fine with hehe

BTW whats a WIC?

07-26-2004, 08:22 PM
When I'm up there in three weeks, I'll definately look into it. Thanks for posting. Shall PM you later...

Hm...any idea where the next WIC is going to happen? I'd like to suggest Golden Gate Park because it has that Japanese tea garden place, but I hear that parking is a biyatch. Wah! So many bay area events!

07-26-2004, 11:52 PM
The next WIC-TOP ("We're In Costume, Take Our Picture" mass cosplayer photoshoot) is scheduled to be at the gardens in Walnut Creek (I forgot the name of the place at the moment). They are gorgeous. For now, we're keeping them in the East Bay, since both Babbit-Chan and I live in the East Bay, and we're selfish like that ^,^;;

Also, for WIC-TOP itself, we are hoping to get more photographer-people (cause I want to cosplay, too). I have asked a few, but it of course depends on the date.

We haven't planned a date yet because we want to get it planned at least 2 months in advance, but around Sept and later, it gets risky of too much wind and rain, and then everyone has school and work. Also, we like to plan it when there isn't a con that weekend.

For now, I am just offering to be a photographer. For people who want good pictures of their costumes for a portfolio of sorts, in some picturesque places in the Bay Area. I just figure that I can practice my photography, meet more cosplayers, and be a generous person, all at the same time. If that makes sense.

BTW - the private photoshoots'd be FREE. If you want to bring a few friends, that'd be fine. I am just bored this summer, and I have an appreciation for cosplay.

07-27-2004, 12:27 PM
I'd be interested in going to your next "WIC-TOP" :) If the date is convient and I can get a ride I'll come

Kaelistale Nyau
07-27-2004, 02:34 PM
hahaha east bay greed! :crylaugh: Thats fine, I think I'll probably be more able to go to the WIC meet so i'll be ready for that post! Althoguh it's sweet of you to offer a private photoshoot I am moving to San Jose soon so I am gonig to be dirving back and fourth funishing my new apt for the rest of the summer.

Also I'd be happy to be a photographer for the WIC! I've taken a few photography classes and it'd be great to advance my skills... but it all depends on my printer and or my online connectiong once I move....

07-27-2004, 03:14 PM
Glad to see people getting a bit hyped about WIC-TOP at least. I'll talk to Babbit-Chan when I see her online next. =)

Chibi Plush Toy
07-27-2004, 08:53 PM
Hmm, it's interesting and I'd really like to go...


What --er-- WHERE exactly is the bay area??

07-27-2004, 09:04 PM
around 30-50miles around the San Francisco Bay Area in California. Including, but not limited to, San Francisco, Marin, Antioch, Pittsburg, Danville, Walnut Creek, Concord, San Ramon, Dublin, Livermore, Tracy, Pleasanton, Fremont, Oakland, Union City, San Jose. There's more, but those were the ones on the top of my head.

I really don't care where anyone lives to offer this to... they just have to drag their arse TO the bay area ^,~

07-27-2004, 10:17 PM
Cool! I'd be up for it. I haven't gotten around to hiring an ombudsman for my camera and computer (They're having differences of opinion. My camera says it works with a Mac, my computer says that my camera is a big fat liar.) so I could use a photographer. I'm on the peninsula.

08-02-2004, 02:04 AM
Well, of course, just let me know what you'd be interested in. I'd prefer that we'd have a shoot on my side of the bay (since I AM offering the photoshoot for free, and gas is very expensive now), but just give me a few suggestions =)

08-14-2004, 11:09 PM
LuckinSpades, I think I missed it... where is your side of the bay? I'd love to get some photos done of various costumes (and on that note, I'd love to take pictures, maybe a trade?).
And what times/days are best?
It sounds like a lot of fun^_^

08-15-2004, 01:06 AM
I am on the East Bay. About an hour from SF, to be exact. Right now, I have free time next week all week (last chance, people), and then after that its only weekends, it seems. Considering, I start school in a week and a half (*gasp* college >.<)

And... just so anyone else knows... if I am needed to drive more than 15 minutes away from home, I am going to ask for a little change merely because gasoline is expensive and I am jobless still. Otherwise, you can come to several locations I know of that are picturesque over here. =)

08-15-2004, 03:46 PM
Picture-esque locations sound promising, could you give mi your list and we could choose one to meet at?
As for free time, my own classes start tomorrow, but I have no Friday classes (ya~y), and as a side note I added you to AIM (I'm praedestinatio)

08-17-2004, 01:59 AM
Ones that I can think of, off the top of my head, include the creek area where the first WIC-TOP was held (foresty setting w/ creek) in San Ramon, Las Trampas park in San Ramon/Danville (grassy/other foresty, and creek), Shadow Cliffs lake (lake...) in Livermore, several picturesque fountain spots between San Ramon and Blackhawk, the plaza at Blackhawk (pond and fountain, and shops), and probably others I can't think of at the moment. I guess it depends on the costume. Oh, and there's Mt. Diablo park, but odn'tknow when that's open, how much it mght cost, or how much time it'd take to get there.

08-20-2004, 01:53 PM
Sorry for the slow reply, been very busy, first week of school and all that.
Anyway, how about we talk more at Wic-top? Coming up is three cons in a row so I'm rather busy now^.^;; But Wic Top is when things will be slowing down again.

08-21-2004, 06:21 PM
Is this still going on or is it already done?

08-23-2004, 01:01 AM
Wic-Top or photoshoots? Wic-top is Sept. 25 (see the thread, its linked in my signature). Photoshoots are still very available, but they are probably restricted to weekends at this point (or Tues/Thurs in the afternoon, perhaps). Just... let me know. The sooner, the more exciting!