View Full Version : looking for a hotel room for CN. willing to pay.

07-24-2004, 04:48 PM
I FINALLY got my mother to let me stay in toronto for CNA but from all that time of convincing i am left with out much time to finde a room. I am not able to get my own room unfortunately, and i havent really been able to contact many of my friends from anime north...ect. due to vacations or their buisy. My mother said that she would pay for my share of the room if i found some one who was willing to let me in. I would prefere some one that went to AN05 cuz then i can tell my mom that i met ______ there, but if you didnt thats ok too. She's a bit over protective....and im pretty sure that she wants it to be an all girls room....for obvios purposes. I wont take up much room, i promise and i wont even be IN the room much....just to change outfits/costumes.... please reply and/or email me or add me to msn if u have some room in your room at:

P.S. in the email, reply..ect. ill need the following info
a lil bit about you(unless i already know you)
hotel name
how many ppl in the room
the sex of the ppl in the room
and if you have the room FOR SURE
Time your going to be there and were i can find you<---that can be determined later