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07-30-2004, 11:36 AM
I'm gonna be working on this cosplay for a while cuz its really complicated but I have a picture of it, this is my original character and my uniform I created... so NO STEALING IT IS COPYRIGHTED,

any help of what to use or wear to get different items.
unirform (http://i.xanga.com/Pyrosam/t/ryouniform.jpg)

07-30-2004, 10:41 PM
Why not check out the FMA threads for ideas? The uniform seems similar.

Otherwise, try searching for patterns that you can modify for the look you want. For the jacket, I think you'll have to combine a few. Some western patterns have that separate shoulder yoke piece (yours is silver), and some have cuffs. You don't need the shoulder yoke piece if you sew it on top, like applique (I've done this for a costume before - I just made it up and added it on). You'd probably have to mix it with a pattern that zips up the front - maybe a sweater or jacket. You could also mix it with a shorter jacket pattern, like some historical double breasted jackets (simplicity has some in their costume section).

For the pants, all I can suggest is getting a pattern and making the pants wider at the bottom.

Fabric suggestions: wool blend, heavy cotton, twills.... no polyester! It has to be something heavy enough to give that crisp look and to fall right.

Boots - try a military surpluss store? Or if you have docs, those also would work well. Or a thrift store - never know what you're going to find!

As for the shirt underneath, you could buy a grey one, or a white one and dye it, or make one from scratch. There are patterns for men (simplicity again) that have dress shirts and pants. You might even be able to use the western style pattern for the shirt underneath, if you wanted.

Gloves - perhaps some novelty stores? Or even magic shops might sell white gloves like that. Or stores that have tuxes and the like?