View Full Version : Katte ni Kaizou cosplays

06-19-2002, 11:59 AM
Hi!! For Otakon this year, I really want to do a Katte ni Kaizou cosplay, I was wondering if any other cosplayers out there wanted to do a group?? I dunno if very many people read this comic, but its really funny.. ^_^;; I wanna either do evil tomodachi zombie Umi (with curse dolls >:D) or Koi wa LSI Jun. It would be great to get a Koi wa LSI Suzu (and it would inspire me to finish the costume ^_^) or to get ANY of the other characters!!!!! :D

If you don't know what katte ni kaizou is, please check out Emi's Kaizou site, http://niko-niko.net/kaizou/ ^o^ Also, there are scanslations up on www.mangascreener.com , but please remember, scanslations are very mean if you don't buy the original mangas :_(

Anyway, please reply or e-mail me or something!!!!! @_@ Thanks!!!!!