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08-08-2004, 07:07 PM
I don't think this thread has been addressed before, but I am intending to do a lot of Aya costumes. Along with this, I want to know how other people have gone about doing Aya's make-up. I see it as something so simple, it's scary, but I'm having trouble keeping the eyeliner from smudging. I also have other trouble with the everything else on the face. Does can anybody help out? Thanks a whole bunch!

P.S. I'll attach some pictures of Aya's Close-ups

08-09-2004, 07:21 PM
Ehm . . . well I'm not much good with makeup . . . but I've done AYA's makeup before so I can at least say how I do it.

I've gotten it right a few times, and just kind of made it up some other times. I use a pencil eyeliner with a smudger tip, and I go fairly far up the lid with that because otherwise it's hard to get the makeup dark enough. I use a foam brush thingie to put on eyeshadow, because you get more on than with a regular brush. Then when I get near the top of my eyelid (where it curves into the area under the eyebrow) I switch to a brush to get a softer edge. I haven't had trouble with the eyeliner, but I've had trouble with the eyeshadow coming off and getting on the rest of my face. The only thing that seems to help is using a makeup fixative spray; I borrowed my friend's so I forget what it's called, maybe someone else knows. But that kept the makeup from budging even through a long concert and helped a lot with fading, too.

If you do your AYA makeup in the morning, you'll want to at least carry the eyeshadow with you for touchups, because it'll start black but start fading to look gray after a while. The only other real tip I have I've only gotten to try out once so far but, they use a really pink blush on him and put it right on the apple of the cheeks, kind of unnatural looking. So I'm going to start trying using a large makeup brush and powder blush in a less natural pink.

Err, hope that was a bit helpful. Makeup's not really my thing either, so just try experimenting.

08-09-2004, 09:17 PM
Thanks. I'll try it out! *hugs* I remember seeing you cosplay as Aya from Frontiers at PMX and I also saw you waiting to go backstage for the second night of their concert!