View Full Version : way way upstate ny

09-04-2004, 07:43 PM
alright i'm a student at plattsburgh university i'm about 15 min from canada. has anyone heard of any conventions that arent like 4 hours away. also if anyone local wants to meet up or anything let me know later

09-04-2004, 07:58 PM
How far is Plattsburgh from Genessee (sp?) County?

09-04-2004, 08:30 PM
hmm im not realy sure i'm new to the area myself

09-06-2004, 07:49 PM
I'm in Chenango Co, which is about 5 hours from where you are.. what are you so far up in god's country? haha, j/k. I know that Genericon is in Troy, NY, which is just outside of albany, so prolly around 3 or 4 hours from you, and the next closest cons for you are probably the ones in canada, like anime North, and maybe a few others that are around ottawa, toronto. Thats the best that i can do for you at this point. The best idea for you is to check out the occasional postings in the NYO! Grouping, which talks about events going on in the general NY/NYC/NJ area, of which there are a few that may be within a reasonable distance from you. hope that helps!

09-06-2004, 11:26 PM
thanks alot i'll look into that