View Full Version : New Years gathering?

09-13-2004, 11:57 PM
Ya..Since I live in Pasadena and the Rose parade is like down the street from where Im currently staying, I was wondering if anyone is gonna be in the area or wants to come camp out with me and my friends from school. I can camp out there early in the morning and get an area since the police here love me, (heh I get in trouble alot).

Yea keep in mind police do come around after midnight and make sure were asleep and/or were not making noise because this is a neighbor hood area and 45% of the people are @$$ holes (stupid rich people).

I plan on getting a grassy area on Sierra Madre & Villa (about 4 blocks away from Pasadena High School) I have about 3 fire pits (Believe me it does get cold, and more will be apprciated). I ask anyone who hates the cold come and like bring bundles of warm clothes

Ohh Yea the area is rite after the bridge area so like when the parade comes up everyone screms "UPPP!!!!" so I think that would be fun for us too

09-17-2004, 05:39 PM
I might consider going to this, but that depends if I work that evening. Most likely no, but just to cover my tracks. Also it will depend on what my family and friends here are doing.