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12-22-2002, 03:10 PM
it looks as though they edited the game for the states....

it turns out there was a SEX scene with MOMO in it...

go fig.

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12-22-2002, 06:01 PM
From my take of the trailers there are more than one M.O.M.O. I forget/don't want to spoil some stuff, but my thought is that it probably isn't the cute innocent one.

And for talk about a game about to finally come out could you pick a better topic please? :rolleyes:

12-22-2002, 08:19 PM
I have the JP game, just not the JP PS2 yet. Real fun.

It didn't sound to me like sex either, as that would have been just stupid.
However, similar to Square EA's decision in censoring some of the more sexually-oriented scenes in Xenogears, Namco will be altering a slightly sexually-themed scene for Xenosaga's North American release. The scene involves a somewhat questionable encounter between an adult character named Albedo and a child robot female character named MOMO. It is unknown whether it will be removed entirely or simply altered.-Taken from RPGamer's site.

The game is rated teen. Parasite Eve was rated M. There is a difference.

ANYWAY, so that this thread doesn't go to waste the North American site was launched here (http://www.namco-xenosaga.com/).

12-22-2002, 08:48 PM
Curse you Square... and those dirty censors! They weren't even going to bring Xenogears over originally. >.< Blargh


12-22-2002, 09:03 PM
Originally posted by SohmaYuki

They did edit out a scene. No there's no sex. I can't believe you guys posted about it though the way you did. It's a huge dramatic part of the story concerning 2 main characters. It also gives you a big background on what Momo is. I'm not sure how much was edited out, and hopefully they just edited the ending of the last set of FMV's for that section. If not then I feel sorry for anyone playing the US version.

Momo=final of a series of robot girls. They all look exactly the same and they're just cyborgs. of course momo is the exception blah blah blah... no that's not a spoiler because they tell you that in the book and the first time you get your ship you see like 20 of them.

Nice spoiler warning :miffed: I don't care how soon I find out about it in the game, I still didn't wanna hear about any differences until I played through the US version and then sought out any dicrepancies myself.

No I shouldnt have even opened the thread, and no I won't open it anymore.....carry on.