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12-01-2004, 03:06 PM
This was given to me to pass along:


Updates, offers and news bits for our attendees

Columbus, Ohio December 1st 2004
With less than 45 days until the start of Ohayocon 2005, we have some very important updates for our attendees!

-Paypal pre-registration is now available to those wishing to pay by credit card. The special discounted rate of
$30 will be extended for paypal until December 16th. Afterwards, registration by paypal will be $35 until
January 6th. Mail-in registration is also available at the rate of $35 if postmarked by January 1st, 2005. Please go
to our website for registration information.

-The Hyatt Regency Columbus has announced a cut-off date of December 16th for hotel room reservations.
After this date, we can't guarantee our special $99 convention rate. Rooms are going very fast, and attendees
are encouraged to book as soon as possible!

-Steve Conte, along with John Conte and 2 other musicians, will perform a live concert on Saturday, January
15th. Steve will also play an "unplugged" acoustical session as part of his panel and autograph session on
Sunday, January 16th. Steve Conte is the performer of a considerable amount of English vocal songs written by
Yoko Kanno. Songs from Cowboy Bebop, Cowboy Bebop the Movie, Wolf's Rain, Brain Powered, and Ghost
in the Shell: Standalone Complex are all part of Steve's repertoire. We are very excited to have Steve's Anime
Convention Debut at Ohayocon 2005!

-Artist Alley tables have been reduced in cost by $10. Any artist interested in reserving a table can contact
art@ohayocon.com for more information.

-Columbus recently passed a law that bans smoking inside public buildings. Therefore, we are proud to say that
ALL indoor areas of the Hyatt and Convention Center will be smoke-free for Ohayocon 2005!

-Ohayocon will have THREE gaming rooms! One room for console gaming, another for rhythm & dance
(dance dance revolution, para para paradise, etc..), and another room for tabletop CCG gaming!

With so much more space, and so many more events, this is going to be the best Ohayocon yet! We hope that
everyone will start their 2005 convention year off right by taking part in our fifth year anniversary of
Ohayocon! See you in Columbus!

Ohayocon is a Japanese pop culture convention celebrating Japanese culture, animation, music and costuming.
We are a family-friendly convention and encourage both the young and old to participate. Going into our fifth
year, we are coming back strong with some brilliant new ideas, set ups and a haunting new theme.

URL http://www.ohayocon.com
QUESTIONS Ohayocon@gmail.com


12-01-2004, 06:50 PM
OH YEA!!! This Con is gonna rock!!! Thanks for the updates.

12-02-2004, 12:07 PM

Man, I really really can't wait!

Now, if they could only get Steve J Blum.... hehehe