View Full Version : 25% off pre-reg not a rumor

01-02-2005, 03:01 PM
The deal is posted a little late...but it is real.
25% OFF your pre-reg thru January 8th.


Strangely enough, this was mentioned in the PLC community some time ago as "coming soon"...with no follow-up and no mention anywhere on AOD's own site and forums. Even now, it's being incredibly under-advertised for some reason, so I'm giving you guys the heads up here.
It *was* supposed to end January 1st...but since it didn't end up being opened until then...we now have a week.

(This is probably only of significant note if you are getting a VIP pass and going for both of Psycho's concerts there - but even with just a normal pass, you'll save a few dollars.)

Eurobeat King
01-02-2005, 03:38 PM
Awww.. I wish they could've told people that before they said on those chibi-postcards that the pre-reg. deadline was January 1st. :lost: I sent in my pre-reg. of $35 before the new year came, so a little discount would've been nice. But it's a fun convention, so I don't mind paying the $35 for it. :)