View Full Version : The Fine Line between Shonen & Shoujo

Pool Cue Ronin
12-27-2002, 10:30 PM
The line between shonen and shoujo has become pretty blurry.
Love Hina & Oh My Goddess are considered Shonen, while Weiss Kruez and the like is considered Shoujo.
Where you think the line ends and begins? What do you think crosses this line?

12-28-2002, 10:37 AM
Just go by what magazine its published in ^_^ Most magazines are pretty strictly set as "shounen" or "shoujo". I remember getting in an argument with some guy over if Rurouni Kenshin was shoujo.. Man, its published in SHOUNEN Jump, how more obviously shounen can you get? ^_^

But yeah, don't go by amount of romance or violence or whatever, there are plenty of romantic shounen manga and overlly gory shoujo manga. Just go by what the publisher says ^_^


12-30-2002, 03:27 PM
Yeah, it's kinda funky. In some instances if it stars girls it's for a guy audience....(ecchi abound, perhaps?) and sometimes, if it stars guys it's for a female audience (gratuitous shounen ai, maybe?) I guess it all depends. ::shrugs:: Whatever you like, you like I'd say... since most of my favorite anime are considered "Shounen" anime anyway. ^^;

What's reaaaallly funny are guys who don't know what they're reading is suuuper shoujo (Ahem, X/1999 anyone?) and they don't know it.... X3

Pool Cue Ronin
12-30-2002, 05:54 PM
Heh, I remember reading Gunsmith Cats, and that is DEFINITELY not shoujo.