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Twin Bee
01-27-2005, 08:32 PM
Hello there ^_^ Just thought I would come and ask for some tips for me and my twin sis' costumes :D I am obsessed with accuracy on costumes and I want these to be dead on :D So I have a lot of questions ^^;; And Devil May Cry is so cosplay deprived I can't stand it!
Soooo, for my Vergil costume
(Reference here (http://www.capcom.co.jp/devil3/download/devil3_vergil_1.jpg ) for details on the coat and here (http://www.deathsvertigo.com/dmc3/vergarktower_demo/) for just some in-game shots of him :3)

Have the pleather and the pattern already~ Unfortunately, the pattern does not include the button down part on the bottom half of the sleeve >_< Been thinking of just making that part seperately and just sewing it on. But any advice on this part of the costume would be greatly appreciated :D

Another problem is all the gold lining along the edges and getting the intricate thorned design on there without it looking sloppy >_> Drawing the design is not a problem and I'm thinking about making some sort of stencil to keep the thorn design uniform on the side. The problem is actually getting that on there o_O I thought about using paintpens/some kind of paint but that will be messy and will definately rub off >_> Actually cutting the design out of material and sewing the whole thing on is a lot of work x_x So I reaaaallly need help with that part~ I will either do without all of the gold lining or me, a lot of gold thread and a sewing machine are going to get to know eachother very well XD

I dunno what the hell is going on with his shirt so I'll probably buy a vest and modify it or something XD The gloves, pants and boots can be dealt with as well.

My sister is a proffesional hair dresser/stylist so I don't think she'll have trouble with styling either wigs but if you have any tips on that too, it would be appreciated :D But I'm not sure where to buy high quality wigs that would be good for styling o_O (Vergil hair reference here (http://www.deathsvertigo.com/dmc3/vergil_demo/VergilTower_10.JPG) I think we all know what Dante's hair looks like XD)
No questions really on making a Dante costume :3
Tips on making an Alastor sword and where to get good fake guns would be apreciated too :3 I already have a katana :d

Thank you all for your kind attention ^_^