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03-13-2005, 10:01 PM
For Metrocon 2005, I plan on cosplaying Baiken from Guilty Gear. This will be my second cosplay, and it will certainly be a challenge for me, especially with my limited skill, but, my perfectionism will help me with that.

I really would like any suggestions at all as to what materials to use for her claw, what type of cloth to use for the kimono, how to make/get the shoes and socks, how to get on the certain designs on her kimono, and especially what to do for the make-up [like the scar], and the hair. I'm not sure if I should just dye my own hair and add some hair extensions in like I did for The Final Shinya cosplay, or just get a wig.

Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated, and here are some reference photos of Baiken:


03-14-2005, 07:38 AM
Polyester Resin on the Kimono, it's lightweight, yet sturdy, it's what a friend of mine used on his Samurai Deeper Kyo kimono... If you want to, for the details, use fabric safe paint. ^^;; or other fabrics sewn in... I dunno someone else might have to give you tips there.. *also a sewing Newbie* I'm also using the polyester resin variety on my May cosplay, cept coming from Missouri I won't be lugging an anchor. for the claw... I'm sure someone will mention the fiberglass and resin over foam method for the claw... but I wouldn't be able to give you details on how to go about it... sorry i'm not more help, I'm really new at the cosplay thing myself. Look for the shoes and socks at JACON if it's before Metrocon. I know they were selling them all over the place at A-Kon last year, otherwise maybe look online? same with the make up for the scar and face paint thing... for the hair... A wig would be ok, but if you wanted to use your own bangs and get an extension, check out the clip ons and those types from cosplay.com, I haven't order from them yet, but I hear they're wonderful, and there's no shipping from them so it'll save you money in the long run.

good luck!

03-14-2005, 08:17 AM
Polyester resin?? Never heard of it. (interesting)
I just used some cotton/poly blend, since my Baiken(s) are just for hall cosplay and nothing special. The sandals I bought at a shoe store (they are in season so you should have an easier time finding some) For the socks I just bought a cheapo pair and cut them up to the design that she has, but I gotta fix them up. For the designs, I went with an applique method using Heat N Bond. Its really easy to do, but the designs could fall off later on, which can be fixed with more ironing. For the designs on her face, I just had them painted with cheap acrylics, but Ill get some theatrical makeup later. You might be able to get away with washable markers; Ive seen some really nice designs created with them. For the claw arm, I bought some black chain at the hardware store, chopped up some wood for the base, and some scrap plastic for the claws (well its not pretty, totally rushed on it, but Ill be making a much better one soon) For the hair, I would definately get a wig, because its temporary.

03-14-2005, 08:25 AM
We used Heat N Bond for the designs on my friends Baiken Kimono too, and so they didn't have a chance of falling of we just sewed around them with a satin stich ( I guess you could do just the satin stich without the Heat N Bond too)
Hehe we just used this pink wash out hair dye I had lying around for the designs on her face ^^"" If covered remarkably well, didn't smear or smudge and came off really easy with water!

03-14-2005, 09:38 PM
Thank you very much for the great suggestions! I'll try and look more into them. ^_^

If anyone has any other tips or suggestions, please do share!